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Container Yard

Our company has three large-scale container yards around the Qingdao Qianwan Port, which can provide the customers with all-weather container yard integrated service.

  • The distance to Qingdao Qianwan Port is only 500 meters.
  • The gross area is up to 210,000 square meters.
  • The monthly storage capacity is above 30,000 standard containers.
  • 24 hours 365 days, all-weather service.
  • Possess 13 empty and heavy forklifts of Kalmar and other famous brands.
  • Nine agreement shipping companies: APL, COSCO, KLINE, MSC, NYK, TSL, WHL, YML, and ZIM.
  • Provide safe, accurate and efficient professional services, including containers storage, issuing, encasement, refrigeration containers, repair and transport, etc.
  • Container cargo on-line real-time inquiry system is provided for customers to control the cargo information at any time.

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